Memberships & Series

Love getting a blowout? Become a Member Today and Save!

Glam Member


  • 2 blowouts a month ($45 each)
  • Complimentary deep conditioning treatments
  • Free birthday blowout

Hollywood Member


  • 4 blowouts a month ($43.75 each)
  • Complimentary deep condtioning treatments
  • Free birthday blowout
  • 10% off products 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I use all of my benefits?

Any additional blowouts for the month are offered at a discounted price!

Glam members- $3 off original blowout price

Hollywood member- $5 off original blowout price

Can I share my benefits with a friend or family member?

No, memberships can only be redeemed by the member.

What is the difference between a membership and a series?

Memberships are reoccurring monthly payments. Every month your account is loaded with new benefits.

A series is a one time purchase that never expires, once all blowouts are redeemed a new series has to be purchased.

Can I cancel at any time?

There is a minimum 3 month commitment before you can cancel your membership

Do I lose my blowouts if I don't redeem all of my credits within the month?

Blowouts that go unused roll over into next month, and are available for use 90 days after they are accrued. However if you cancel your membership, you lose all accumulated benefits.

What if I'm away and need to suspend my payments?

No problem! Memberships can be frozen on a month to month basis. Maximum of 2 freezes per year is allowed per customer.

Blowdry Series

Stock up on blowouts, and get more blows for your buck!

2 Pack $96

2 blowouts for $48 each

4 Pack $184

4 blowouts for $46 each

8 Pack $352

8 blowouts for $44 each

20 Pack $840

20 blowouts for $42 each